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LYO Credit Burning: New Token Distribution

LYO Credit (LYO), the native token of the ecosystem, went through a token burning process due to an unused token amount prior to being intended for minting. The total supply decreased by 23% from 250,000,000 LYO to 190,861,445 LYO, and we can therefore hope for an increase of the token

LYO Credit (LYO) Will Be On LBank Soon! 

LYO Credit (LYO) will soon be listed on LBank, reaching new heights for the LYO Ecosystem’s native token.  The timings of the listing are as follows:  Deposit enable: 6th July 4pm UTC + 8 Withdrawal enable: 8th July 4pm UTC + 8 Trading opens: 7th July 4pm UTC + 8

LYO listed on BirMart

LYO Credit (LYO) on BitMart: Why Is it Important?

Our LYO Credit (LYO) token is now part of the major BitMart exchange, a successful new achievement for token growth. For the trading pair LYO / USDT the timing of the listing are: Deposit opened on 7th June 2022 Trading will open today 10:00 AM EDT Withdrawal will open tomorrow

Stake LYO Credit on LYOTRADE and Get Up to 36% per Year in Returns

LYOTRADE, a professional cryptocurrency exchange platform, features staking services that allows you to enjoy up to a hefty 36% annual interest when you stake LYO Credit tokens.  How Does Staking Work?  There are two most common consensus mechanisms that cryptocurrencies use to validate new transactions, add them to the blockchain,

LYO Credit (LYO) Scores 98% Rating in Zokyo Smart Contract Audit

We are excited to announce that LYOPAY’s native token, LYO Credit Token (LYO), has smashed a breaking 98% rating in a smart contract audit performed by the Zokyo blockchain  team. The LYO’s token’s smart contracts audit took place on March 11, 2022. What is Zokyo? Zokyo is an end-to-end encrypted

smart contract lyocredit

LYO Credit Token: BNB Chain

We would like to announce to you a huge update about LYO Credit token’s smart contract: LYO Credit token chain was moved from the old smart contract to a new one (BNB Chain). The tokens of the previous smart contract (0xc0b7d0da96c310dc1ec81163506144c6ad28a381) have been burned on 13 March 2022, and those

lyo chain

LYO Listing – Updates

We know you are excited about the arrival of the LYO Credit token on LYOTRADE 😃 LYOTRADE will only be the first exchange, of many, that we will be listed on. We are currently working to sign agreements for listings on exchanges outside our ecosystem. We are keen to give

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LYO Credit Token: Moving on new BNB Chain

We are updating the LYO Credit utility token chain, which will move from BEP-20 to a new BNB chain. This update will make it possible to list the LYO Credit (LYO) on multiple exchanges. Being present on many exchanges allows for a growth in volume, and increases the token’s usability.


LYO Credit Enters the Market — What Happens Now?

The LYO Credit ICO has finally come to an end and now our token has entered the cryptocurrency market. What happens now? What will be the outcome of the token? What does the future hold for the token? In this article we answer all of these questions. We started off