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LYOTRADE 10Trade Challenge: A Roundup of Our Achievements 

December 28, 2022 marked the launch of the LYOTRADE 10Trade Challenge that saw active participation from users to earn rewards and also welcomed new ones. Let’s take a look at what the challenge was and how it turned out to be a massive success for LYOTRADE. Strategy and Rewards  LYOTRADE

Celebrating One Year of LYOTRADE: A Timeline of Our Achievements

LYOTRADE officially turns one! It’s been a year since we launched the much-needed centralized cryptocurrency exchange under the LYOPAY ecosystem umbrella. Our achievements demonstrate that we have come a long way, achieving milestones, raising the bar, and setting the benchmark for the crypto world.  An Evolution of Crypto Compliance, Transparency

Crypto Compliance: The Importance of AML and KYC In the Modern Finance World

Cryptocurrency has turned out to be a revolutionary innovation for the world. And as its popularity grows drastically especially through the recent years, the demand for crypto regulations have risen due to the financial crime related to it, persuading regulators to build a framework to help regulate the massive crypto


LYOTRADE is a centralized digital currency exchange that provides the necessary market infrastructure for users willing to trade digital assets for only crypto-to-crypto and not fiat currencies.  One of the biggest advantages that LYOTRADE provides users is an easy-to-use, secure and advanced digital asset exchange platform with several types of

world cap lyotrade win usdt and sclp

Score a Goal: Choose Your World Cup Team and Win USDT and SCLP!

World Cup and cryptocurrencies? Yes, they’re together now on the LYOTRADE exchange! It’s your time to play and win SCLP and USDT prizes. You just have to guess the champions and enter the rewards pool. After the World Cup, LYOTRADE will divide the total prize pool equally according to the

How to Open a Crypto Wallet on LYOPAY, LYOTRADE, and LYOWALLET

LYOPAY Wallet  LYOPAY portal keeps the users’s digital assets safe while allowing them to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies easily. It provides a user their own unique wallet address to make crypto transactions. LYOPAY wallet can be installed on a computer or as a browser extension.  The user will automatically

Crypto Mass Adoption: A Step into Currency Digitalization

Cryptocurrency has been changing the world, specifically how traditional banking works and how we perceive money, ownership, and value. Fortunately, this digital shift is being recognized worldwide leading to a major crypto mass adoption taking place gradually. In simple terms, mass adoption refers to the percentage of the world’s population

Crypto ETF Trading: Now on LYOTRADE

Holding a variety of assets can help diversify the risk of a portfolio. Where to start? One solution is ETFs. Buying just one ETF can give you a stake in hundreds of stocks or bonds.  You can now buy ETFs and diversify your portfolio on LYOTRADE. An international ETF, for

LYOTRADE vs LYOWALLET: Which One Should You Use?

The LYOPAY ecosystem is continuously evolving, giving crypto enthusiasts like you more tools to utilize the true potential of cryptocurrency. LYOTRADE and LYOWALLET are just two of the many services that the ecosystem can offer. Learning their distinct features, benefits, and key differences will help you know which one is