Crypto On LYO: The Blend — LYOTRADE 10Trade Challenge Returns, Earn Etihad Miles with NFTs, Hashkey Wins HK’s First Crypto Exchange License

Crypto On LYO: The Blend — LYOTRADE 10Trade Challenge Returns, Earn Etihad Miles with NFTs, Hashkey Wins HK’s First Crypto Exchange License

What happened in the crypto world in the last week? Let’s see some interesting news together! 

LYOTRADE 10Trade Challenge Returns – Win Rewards Daily

We are delighted to announce the return of the highly anticipated “10Trade Challenge” on LYOTRADE! This challenge offers users a chance to earn exciting rewards daily by completing 10 trades per customer. 

Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting the “10Trade Challenge” is designed to be accessible and rewarding for all. To get started, simply login to your LYOTRADE account, click on the “10Trade Challenge” in the “More” section, and embark on a trading adventure like never before. 

The tasks are simple, the rewards are enticing, and the trading community is vibrant – it’s the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and connect with fellow traders.

At LYOTRADE, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide an exceptional trading experience. Join the “10Trade Challenge” today, complete 10 trades per customer daily, and reap the rewards that await you. 

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Travelers Can Now Earn Etihad Airways Miles with NFTs

Unlocking extra airline miles has never been easier! Etihad Airways, the leading carrier of the United Arab Emirates, has exciting news for its loyal customers and NFT holders.

Get ready for the launch of a special 300-edition expansion to their renowned Polygon-based EY-ZERO1 NFT collection. This expansion brings an incredible opportunity for NFT holders to “stake” or lock their digital assets, earning them valuable air miles in return.

The EY-ZERO1 NFT collection has been a hit since its debut in July 2022, and the new release adds the eleventh 3D aircraft model to the series. These cutting-edge NFTs are meticulously designed to replicate the iconic Boeing 787 Dreamliner, featuring branding from the thrilling blockbuster “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.” 

This cinematic touch adds a captivating allure, making these digital collectibles a must-have for aviation enthusiasts and movie buffs alike.

Holders of these exclusive NFTs will enjoy a 12-month Etihad Guest Silver Tier Status, priority check-in, a remarkable 25% boost in earning Etihad Guest Miles, and access to the luxurious lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

Moreover, they will gain membership to the prestigious Etihad: Virtual Club, along with a fast-track opportunity to upgrade from Silver to Gold Tier status. To top it all off, they’ll receive a personalized Etihad membership card as a symbol of their esteemed status.

Etihad Airways also plans to launch “Horizon Club,” their Web3 loyalty program in September. NFT holders can stake their assets to earn Etihad Guest Miles for flights, upgrades, and more. Exciting rewards await!

Hashkey Wins Hong Kong’s First Crypto Exchange License

Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency landscape is evolving rapidly, and Hashkey Exchange has emerged as a pioneer in this space. The exchange has become the first to obtain a license under the city’s new crypto regulations, aimed at positioning Hong Kong as a crypto hub.

Part of the esteemed Hashkey Group, a digital asset financial services provider, Hashkey Exchange is now authorized to cater to retail customers, expanding its services beyond professional investors. 

This development comes as a response to the growing market demand for a licensed platform that offers a reliable and user-friendly experience for purchasing and storing cryptocurrencies.

The license upgrade was achieved seamlessly, leveraging the exchange’s existing Type 1 and Type 7 licenses. This upgrade signals Hashkey Exchange’s commitment to embrace the changing crypto landscape and cater to the diverse needs of its users.

As the crypto industry continues to gain momentum, Hong Kong’s crypto regulations are laying the foundation for a thriving ecosystem, and Hashkey Exchange is leading the charge in providing reliable services to retail customers.

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