LYOPAY Ecosystem’s Quarterly Report: A Summary of the Community Event Announcements

LYOPAY Ecosystem’s Quarterly Report: A Summary of the Community Event Announcements

We are thrilled to give you a summary of the recently held LYOPAY community event that saw hundreds of industry professionals and crypto enthusiasts gathered under one roof.

LYOPAY Pro: A Seamless Solution 

Luiz Goes, CEO of LYOPAY, took the stage with great pride and announced the launch of LYOPAY Pro, a payment app, which will go live on April 24, with a target of distributing 100,000 cards within the first 60 days. LYOPAY Pro is licensed in Ireland. 

Some important points announced regarding LYOPAY Pro include:

  • LYOPAY Pro can handle 6 currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, JPY, and PHP.
  • It provides both physical and virtual debit cards. 
  • Travel packages in relation to LYOPAY Pro will be included. 

Luiz went on and stated some of the challenges that today’s cryptocurrency industry currently faces including regulation and legal compliance, interoperability, security and privacy, limited use and access, increased costs, and integration with traditional financial systems. To which he assured that LYOPAY Pro is a seamless solution to overcome all of these problems. 

LYOPAY Pro is regulated and compliant, which means people can now use cryptocurrency without having to think about the security of their digital assets. With LYOPAY Pro, users will now be able to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies with ease, as this digital banking facility allows maximum flexibility and spending power to the audience. 

This soon-to-be-launched product supports IBAN Wallets including USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, JPY, and PHP, and will be available in more than 150 countries. Cards that this facility will support include USD, EUR, GBP.

Not just this, LYOPAY Pro also gives users a chance to earn rewards in LYO Credit by purchasing from top brands in the US, Canada, and more. Most importantly, our tech-magicians from the team will help in the development of a system integrated in the LYOPAY Pro app that will make sure your rewards do not expire with time. 

To know everything about LYOPAY Pro, have a read here at its documentation:

Launch announcement will arrive soon, stray updated on LYOPAY social media!

LYOTRADE: New Features for Enhanced Efficiency

LYOTRADE, the centralized cryptocurrency exchange of the LYOPAY ecosystem, continues to grow impressively. Luiz announced a bunch of additional features that will be available in the next six months, making the app more straightforward, user-friendly, and more convenient for the users.

Some of these soon-to-be-released features include:

  • Social trading
  • Mobile top-up
  • Multi-language 
  • New front-end design
  • Bank account for deposit and withdraw in USD.

LYO Credit: Strong During Bear Market

Luiz stated that the price of LYO Credit is affected by the bear market as the most of cryptocurrencies, and the pressure of selling LYO Credit may continue until the bull market in 2024. LYO Credit is currently encountering challenges, just like BNB’s struggles in its early years, but he remains positive and assured that it will soon pick up pace. With a purpose-driven crypto, a clear business plan, and a strong community like ours, LYO Credit is set for growth and destined to become a recognized name in the market.

LYOBANQ: New Providers

Due to recent developments, we have decided to postpone the launch for at least six months. This decision was made to allow time for a comprehensive restructuring process with our providers, as we navigate the challenging financial market conditions of the past few months. The financial market conditions over the past few months have necessitated the search for new partners. Rest assured, our team is working tirelessly to ensure that we can offer the best possible product.

LYOTRAVEL: Successfully Sold

The entire operation of LYOTRAVEL has been sold and transferred into the hands of a new client. While we will certainly miss LYOTRAVEL, we are proud of the success it achieved during its time with us, and we are thrilled to use the funds from this sale to invest in new licenses and product development.

This sale marks an important milestone for us as a company. It shows that our products have value and are attractive to potential buyers. We are grateful for the support and interest that LYOTRAVEL has received, and we are eager to channel this momentum into our other products. We will have more news to share in the coming weeks.

Looking Ahead Into an Optimistic Future 

Luiz ended the community event on a high-note stating how he believes that the value of LYOPAY is its users and community itself, and soon it will be a leading company, supporting the community and creating a benchmark in the world of cryptocurrency.

LYOPAY continues to impress the audience in the crypto world with the addition of more crypto-friendly products in its ecosystem and greater enhancements in its current ones. With so much in-store, it is an exciting time for you to be a part of the LYOPAY community and dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. 

For more information about LYOPAY products, take a look at the detailed whitepaper for your reference. 

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