LYOPAY Community Update: July 2023

LYOPAY Community Update: July 2023

Greetings, LYOPAY community! We’re thrilled to share exciting updates about our growth, progress, and future plans within the dynamic LYO Ecosystem.

  • LYOPAY Pro achieved significant milestones over the last seven months, including the delivery of 15,000 cards worldwide, the introduction of comprehensive guides in multiple languages, and engaging promotional campaigns. More user-focused features and promotions are anticipated in the upcoming months.
  • LYOTRADE is set to introduce several new features in the next few months, including the launch of social trading, a launchpad platform, grid trading, a 50% reduction in internal loan fees, and the setup of a DEX exchange. The creation of the LYOTRADE DEX exchange will empower users with decentralized control over their wallets and transactions.
  • LYO Credit, currently traded under the LYO/USDT pair on various exchanges, will soon be listed on over 200 exchanges and platforms, thanks to a new partnership with the global payment gateway, Simplex.
  • LYOMERCHANT, a payment gateway for accepting cryptocurrencies, will become publicly accessible in December 2023, providing an opportunity for businesses worldwide to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their operations.

Evolution from Single App to Comprehensive Ecosystem

Our journey has seen us evolve from a singular UK-based LYOPAY App, to an expansive ecosystem. This expansion offers users across multiple continents a crypto card with LYOPAY Pro, simplifying accessibility to digital currencies.

Our transformation into an ecosystem has been rewarding, with numerous apps operating simultaneously under the stewardship of dedicated teams. We’re contributing to shaping the new paradigm of data collection and organization in the Web 3.0 era. 

We acknowledge the importance of connecting within the fintech and crypto world, be it through social media or events. Our vision is clear, and our determination continues to yield tangible results.

We’re absolutely thrilled to see our projects and products catching the attention of various news outlets. It’s heartening to find our name on reputed platforms like Yahoo News, Bloomberg, and many others.

Achieving Milestones and Setting Goals

Over the last seven months, we’ve made significant strides:

Looking forward, we’re setting our sights on the following goals for the next six months:

  • Incorporating five additional languages across all platforms
  • Implementing a high-level design
  • Expanding our services

The Growth of LYOTRADE and the Future of DEX

Our legal and compliance team’s diligence resulted in securing a license in Georgia, contributing significantly to our project’s global expansion. LYOTRADE, a regulated business, focuses on sharing opportunities and creating brand awareness.

We’re proud that our ecosystem now hosts over half a million users across all apps, with a daily trading volume of 1 billion USD on LYOTRADE. In the coming months, we aim to launch social trading, introduce a launchpad platform, enable grid trading, reduce fees on internal loans by 50%, and set up a DEX exchange.

The LYOTRADE DEX is a significant development that will allow users to manage their portfolios and conduct transactions within their own crypto wallets, a true testament to the principles of decentralization. Our ecosystem aims to empower individuals by returning financial control from institutions to the people, ensuring compliance and legality in a secure and transparent environment.

Other than that, we are building our crypto launchpad. These are platforms designed to aid blockchain-based projects in their capital-raising efforts while simultaneously offering early access to token sales. This early access often equates to lower prices before the tokens hit the open market. With the cost of launching on a crypto launchpad typically being low, a growing number of projects are turning to such platforms for their fundraising initiatives.

LYOPAY Pro Milestones and Future Aims

We’re thrilled to share that our LYOPAY Pro journey has been nothing short of remarkable. In just seven months, we’ve reached significant milestones, and it’s all thanks to you, our incredible community.

We’ve been busy delivering 15,000 LYOPAY Pro cards around the world, a clear testament to our growing family. But we didn’t stop there! We’ve been cooking up some fun airdrops and promotional campaigns, all with the aim of making your LYOPAY Pro experience even better.

We also understand that sometimes the world of crypto can be a bit of a maze. That’s why we’ve put together comprehensive guides and documentation to help you navigate it. And guess what? These are now available not just in English, but also in Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and German! We’re breaking down language barriers one word at a time. 

We’ve got a whole lot of excitement coming your way, with more giveaways and promotions related to LYOPAY Pro. Stay tuned to our social media platforms here for all the latest updates.

LYO Credit Token: Expanding Our Reach

Exciting times are ahead for LYO Credit, the heartbeat of our ecosystem! As of now, our token is traded under the pair LYO/USDT on many exchanges, including LYOTRADE, Coinstore, BitMart, LBank, Bibox, Coinsbit, HitBTC, LATOKEN, BKEN, and more. And that’s not all – we’re also featured on well-known platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Binance. You can find all the specifics here:

But we’re not stopping there. We’re always on the move, looking for new ways to grow and bring more opportunities to our community. So, guess what? More listings are on the way! Our partnership with Simplex, a global payment gateway, will allow us to list LYO Credit on over 200 exchanges and platforms. That’s right, even in bear markets, our robust ecosystem continues to find ways to create opportunities. Stay tuned for these exciting developments!

LYOMERCHANT: Empowering Crypto Payments

Big news coming this December 2023! Our payment gateway, LYOMERCHANT, currently exclusive to select clients, will be publicly accessible. The goal? To help businesses worldwide accept cryptocurrencies as payments, encouraging the adoption of digital currencies.

It’s as easy as integrating a plug-in into your business, regardless of industry, size, or product offering. LYOMERCHANT aims to build a platform that empowers everyone to embrace crypto. Get ready to revolutionize your payment systems and become a part of the crypto-friendly business community!

LYOCARE: Making a Difference

Beyond our business goals, we’re passionate about giving back to society, a very important topic for our CEO Luiz Góes. Through LYOCARE, we plan to build an orphanage for 300 children in Mozambique, illustrating our commitment to creating societal value.

Navigating Global Crypto Regulations with Compliance

As our legal advisor, Baiba Broka, points out, compliance with regulations is crucial to build trust with our partners and authorities. With the global crypto market projected to reach $37.87 billion in revenue in 2023, we’re actively working with various jurisdictions to stay ahead of regulatory developments.

We’re grateful for your continued support on this journey. Share your experiences and leave reviews on Trustpilot to help us continue our mission. We’re shaping the future of the crypto world together!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates: 

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