Cryptocurrency Adoption: How Is the World Reacting and Where Are We Headed?

Cryptocurrency Adoption: How Is the World Reacting and Where Are We Headed?

There has been immense growth in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world over the past two years. Massive amounts of money have been injected into the blockchain industry turning it into a $3 trillion industry.

Most of this adoption has been reported in new emerging markets, which have brought the overall index up, as reported by Chainalysis Insights, a blockchain insights group, in their report The 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index.

Even in the report, by Q2 2021, the global adoption of cryptocurrencies grew over 2300% since Q3 2019, and over 881% in just the last year. This is a massive jump by any standard, and we’ve been seeing this kind of adoption year-over-year since 2016.

Key Points

  • Cryptocurrency adoption is at an all-time high.
  • Most countries are coming out with their own Central Bank Digital Currencies.
  • To incentivize the adoption people need tools to use cryptocurrencies in their lives.
  • LYOPAY provides easy-to-use tools to buy, sell and spend cryptocurrencies online.

Over the years, we saw more countries accept cryptocurrencies in their economy. El Salvador being the best example at the moment, which made bitcoin legal tender and the government bought about $200 million worth of bitcoins.

It hasn’t always been this rosy. Some of the major countries in the world took a heavy stance against crypto. But it really isn’t all that it seems.

While on the one hand countries are banning cryptocurrencies or are still on the fence about it, on the other they are bringing their own Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). This shows that they are adopting crypto — just at their own terms.

That’s the main point — cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

As more avenues open up for using cryptocurrencies, people will have the ability to use the many cryptocurrencies out there. It is essential to bring to the people the tools to use them. For that we have created LYOPAY, a cryptocurrency payment app.

LYOPAY’s vision is to bring cryptocurrencies to millions of people all over the world. We are creating an ecosystem where everyone can use cryptocurrencies easily in their daily lives.

Imagine being able to use cryptocurrencies while at the grocery store, for e-commerce, getting a mobile top-up, to even buying flight tickets and vacation plans! That’s the future we envision at LYOPAY.

To help us bring this vision to life, we have also created our own token called, LYOCREDIT. You can use this token on the LYOPAY ecosystem for the over 40 services which we will soon have available. Other than that, you can store or trade it with other coins.

With all these tools available to the people from LYOPAY, soon what you can do with cryptocurrencies will only be limited by your imagination.

Make sure you do your part for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world. Download the LYOPAY app today! The perfect tool for crypto where you can buy, sell and spend cryptocurrencies online.

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