USDT Grid Trading on LYOTRADE

USDT Grid Trading on LYOTRADE

  • Grid trading is available with USDT on
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency with grid trading that operates by automatically placing orders – above and below the set price.
  • Benefit from market trend fluctuations earnings by small price changes.
  • Choose between Stop Loss(SL) or closing your position manually.

Grid trading is a strategic tool that automates buying and selling futures contracts with orders that are placed above and below a set price. In this way, it’s possible to create a grid of orders at increasing and decreasing prices.

Grid trading benefits from small price changes, perfect for markets with frequent fluctuations. It eliminates the need to place orders and monitor real-time market movements manually. It systematically executes buy and sell limit orders that are pre-defined in a range to profit from price volatility.

The grid can be created to profit from trends or ranges: 

  • To profit from trends, place buy orders at intervals above the set price, and sell orders below the set price. 
  • To profit from ranges, place buy orders at intervals below the set price, and sell orders above the set price.

How to grid trade on LYOTRADE?

On the Trading – Classic page:

  • Start grid trading
  • Select the coins trading pair,
  • For the selected pair you find the option Grid, just beside the Exchange
  • Set your intervals (as pips), the starting price for the grid, and if the grid will be with-the-trend or against-the-trend. 
  • The system uses 50% of the USDT in the order to purchase BTC at market strategy.

Then, the strategy starts. Select Stop Loss(SL) feature or manual closing.

  • Stop Loss(SL): when the latest market price reaches the Stop Loss price, the grid stops working, cancels all orders, and sells the remaining BTC (position) at market price.
  • Close the grid trading manually and all orders get canceled, and the remaining BTC (position) are not to be sold.

Convenience fees to start doing your trading on LYOTRADE may apply.

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