LYOPAY Company Meetup: What happened at the First Online Meet with the Team

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November 7th, 2021 was an important day for the project: we held the first LYOPAY Company Meetup! An opportunity to talk about the company, the development of the project, and the industry in which we work. A 360-degree view of our market’s landscape and of what we are building.

We introduced this meeting as a surprise, and were thrilled to see so many people attend! Both our clients and people who approached LYOPAY for the first time. The most delightful part: people joined us from all over the world

The LYOPAY application is available in Europe for the moment. But seeing such interest from people from Brazil, Bangladesh, Nigeria, India, and other countries and continents, confirmed the importance of our goal: expanding the service around the world.

To welcome such a diverse community, live translation was available during the meeting — in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, German, Greek, Bengali, and Hindi. It was an added value to allow everyone to follow the meeting in a much easier way.

What were the questions raised? And what questions have been answered live? Let’s see in this article!

The LYOPAY Vision— Luiz Goes, CEO

The first speaker was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LYOPAY,  Luiz Goes. Luiz is a business executive and he developed and designed business tokenization projects with an emphasis on project implementation and profit-sharing, based on crowdfunding models. In Brazil, he leads a group with over 8,000 clients that participate in the business under his recommendation.

 In the LYOPAY Company Meetup, he gave an overview of LYOPAY and what the future holds for us. He explained the vision and mission of LYOPAY, showing the audience what we have set out to do and the plan through which we will achieve it. 

LYOPAY has been working hard towards implementing our vision of putting cryptocurrencies in the pockets of millions of people across the world. To achieve this, we are creating an ecosystem of products which will allow people to use cryptocurrencies in all aspects of their daily lives. We will be creating more awareness about cryptocurrencies in the world, as more people will have the ability to use cryptocurrencies in day-to-day transactions.

LYOTRAVEL Launch — Vincenzo Picciuolo, Product Manager

Next in line was Vincenzo Picciuolo, the Product Manager of LYOTRAVELshowcasing our new travel product. With his 18 years of experience in IT, he knows how to define the product vision and aligns every department team in working toward success.

Our travel booking website will provide our customers the ability to book flight tickets, hotels, and plan your vacations using cryptocurrencies. It has a simple interface which is easy to navigate, competitive prices compared to other online booking websites, you can receive discounts and vouchers while booking your tickets, and most importantly, pay in different cryptocurrencies such as LYOCREDIT, BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, and many more.

LYOPAY Update — Alessio Vinassa, Business Accelerator Advisor

Further on, our Business Accelerator Advisor, Alessio Vinassa, who takes care of project growth strategy and partnership management, began his presentation on an update of LYOPAY. He started off by showing us LYOPAY’s growth in the number of customers over the last quarter. We have seen an increase of 28%, from 35,000 to 48,000 customers. 

New entities have been set up in the British Virgin Islands called “DIGIFI GROUP LTD” which will take care of the farming and staking services. The reason for creating this new entity is because we work in a legally compliant framework. He also went on to update the audience about the new tokens we are supporting at LYOPAY and new pairs for exchange. Many new services have been updated as we near their launch. 

Introduction to the Customer Service Department — Faijas Muhamedali, Head of Client

Our Head of Client, Faijas Muhamedali, introduced  himself and his goal for customer service at LYOPAY.  Faijas provides a strategic direction in LYOPAY by monitoring customer satisfaction and industry trends. He thinks that with great leaders, we will have a great team. Our leaders will guide us and give our staff direction, though new staff will be joining soon. He ended his introduction by saying, “Coming together is just the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

LYOPAY Legal Framework — Baiba Broka, Legal Advisor

Baiba Broka, the Legal Advisor for LYOPAY, took the stage to explain the legal framework within which LYOPAY works. She manages one of the most fundamental parts of a company, which is the legal aspect, notably important in the cryptocurrency industry. Baiba started by introducing her team made up of other junior legal advisors, making sure that LYOPAY takes all the legal precautions. LYOPAY’s approach to business is to be legally compliant with the laws of the land. To provide so many services through LYOPAY, tremendous work goes into making sure that these services are provided in a legal manner in different jurisdictions.


Question: When will LYOPAY be available for countries outside Europe?

Answer: We are already in the process of expanding our services. In the next few weeks we will go live in other countries.

Question: When will the new card be available?

Answer: We are working with new providers and will let you know when they are available. The closing of our provider activity was unexpected, but that doesn’t stop us. We do our best to integrate a new provider that lives up to LYOPAY and its customers. The service will be active and efficient again in the shortest possible time: the cards are a focus of the team that is working to make it happen.

Question: When can you buy the new LYOPAY CoolWallet S?

Answer: By the beginning of next year, we will ensure that you can buy the LYOPAY CoolWallet S. We are organizing deliveries all across the world.

Question: When will the LYOCREDIT staking go live and how will it work?

Answer: We are ensuring that it goes live in two months. In LYOTRADE, the service will be live as soon as it launches. On LYOPAY, the service will go live as soon as LYOCREDIT starts to be traded on other exchanges.

Question: When will it be possible to have the stop-loss function?

Answer: This feature has already been implemented in the LYOTRADE exchange.

Question: What is the plan for the white-label service?

Answer: We are ensuring that we have the right focus on this B2B service. We have already onboarded key members who will be working dedicatedly on this service. We are also already working with a few clients, while a long list of clients are still in the pipeline.

Question: Can BEP-20 and TRC-20 be integrated for crypto transfer?

Answer: The development of this is already underway. This will be available on LYOTRADE exchange as soon as it launches. 


The LYOPAY Company Meetup was a huge success with over 4000 people joining to see it live. We would like to thank all the participants at the meetup and hope you will join us in our future events. 

We will be holding many more such meetings in the future, so make sure to stay in touch with our social media to find out when these occur.
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