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Did you know that the following are some of the best Bitcoin banks available in the market? Let’s discover each of them. 

The 5 best Crypto Banks in 2021

This is a list of the current 5 best banks in the cryptocurrency market. Are you ready? Read on! 


LYOPAY started as a payment application, accessible from both mobile and desktop browsers. Recent developments in the payments sector have been taken into account to also integrate cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. In LYOPAY, it is possible to manage both traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, creating a connection between these two worlds. As you may know, most exchanges do not support traditional currencies (EUR or DOL), and banks don’t accept cryptocurrencies yet, due to the regulation issues that prevent governments and central banks from properly utilising those currencies.

LYOPAY operates in compliance with KYC, AML, OWASP, and European General Data Protection compliance and regulations. Thanks to this, LYOPAY’s operations take place in total transparency with respect to the institutions that regulate payment flows, and safely towards customers and their funds. The service providers that LYOPAY relies on have the proper licence to operate, as well as the partners who issue the products that will be available in the LYOPAY portal.

2. Wirex Crypto Bank

Wirex, headquartered in London, is a cryptocurrency banking service.   for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Wixer allows you to purchase, store, and keep your cryptos and fiat currencies. Furthermore, conversion between crypto and fiat currencies follows real-time exchange rates. You can finance your account with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

3. Revolut Bank

Did you know? The UK-registered company Revolut started without a license. Since its launch in 2015, it has kept expanding and now it has over 2 million customers. Revolut lets you use your bank account to make transactions in cryptos. You don’t need anything, just your account. Their platform has several features aimed at helping you with your purchases, no matter if you want to buy Bitcoins or other currencies. At the moment, only citizens of the United Kingdom and the Eurozone can access their service. 

4. USAA (The United Services Automobile Association) Crypto Bank

It’s impossible not to list USAA Crypto Bank. This is a Fortune 500 financial services company headquartered in Texas dedicated to serving and retired military personnel. As a crypto-friendly bank, USAA has recently invested $150 million in Coinbase, allowing USAA bank account holders to use Coinbase’s Bitcoin account. Its strength? It’s so easy to track your Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase using your USAA account, and thus link USAA to Coinbase, display your balance, and monitor your transactions.

5. Barclays

Headquartered in London, UK, Barclays is a financial services company specialized in cryptos and blockchain technology. The largest investment bank in the United Kingdom, Barclays partners with Coinbase to allow UK citizens to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through their banking services.

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