LYO Credit Token: Moving on new BNB Chain

LYO Credit Token: Moving on new BNB Chain

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We are updating the LYO Credit utility token chain, which will move from BEP-20 to a new BNB chain.

This update will make it possible to list the LYO Credit (LYO) on multiple exchanges. Being present on many exchanges allows for a growth in volume, and increases the token’s usability. With the migration to the new contract, we have eliminated some features and added others to improve the token technology.

1. We have proceeded to burn all tokens of the previous Smart Contract (0x9d0bbff00a3961455ccb87e43596c7e846e57e7a).

2. 250,000,000 LYOs were generated and distributed to the various wallets based on our Tokenomics (see on

BNB LYO Smart Contract ➑️

3. On February 25th, we will distribute the LYOs to all our partners and people who have participated in the ICO. They will be sent to accounts in the LYOPAY app.

This contract migration will allow a great growth in the transaction volumes of the LYO Credit token, and more people who will use it. It is essential for a project like ours to be ready to change in order to evolve. 🎯

To find out more about this system upgrade, please join the meetup of tomorrow πŸ‘‰πŸΌ


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