Why Choose LYOMERCHANT as a Crypto Payment Gateway?

Why Choose LYOMERCHANT as a Crypto Payment Gateway?

Crypto assets and the universe of associated products and services have been on the rise in recent years and are becoming mainstream in the financial system. The modes of payments are evolving at a rapid pace, with physical currencies being replaced with digital money and cryptocurrencies, which means the evolution of payment systems should also be followed.

  • LYOMERCHANT was created so that merchants and users can have access to seamless and borderless transactions.
  • LYOMERCHANT processed more than 90,000 payments in the first week of November, 2022.
  • Services include E-Commerce, POS, Fast Pay, Invoice, and much more.
  • LYOMERCHANT charges just 1% fee on transaction amount value + Network fee.

Even though traditional payment systems are quite effective, there have been some major setbacks and limitations such as lack of automation, delay in cross-border transactions, and the involvement of intermediaries stating that people still don’t feel like they own their money completely. 

This led to the creation and evolution of crypto payment gateways. In a nutshell, a crypto payment gateway is a modern and dynamic payment processing system that allows merchants and users to accept payment in cryptocurrencies easily and with full security. 


LYOMERCHANT is a payment gateway that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as payments. This supports the emergence of crypto-friendly businesses across the globe, and encourages people to adopt cryptocurrencies into their daily lives.

LYOMERCHANT was created so that merchants and users can have access to seamless and borderless transactions. We enable your business to accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. 

In a record-breaking event, LYOMERCHANT processed more than 90,000 payments in the first week of November, 2022.

LYOMERCHANT facilitates payment collection in cryptocurrency regardless of the industry, be it a physical or digital presence, ground level or widespread scale of operations, at a merchant or institutional level. Payers in cryptocurrency would have the freedom to pay anything on a daily basis.


The mission of LYOMERCHANT is to facilitate a gateway for cryptocurrencies to be used as payment collection for businesses that are either e-commerce or have physical locations. Along with this, creation of multiple methods of payment collection ensure that crypto payments remain compatible with businesses.

Some of the services provided by LYOMERCHANT include:

  • E-Commerce

LYOMERCHANT helps you transform your e-commerce website into a crypto-friendly portal that enables you to reach a wider customer base across the world. You can now accept payments easily in cryptocurrencies.

  • Point-of-Sale (POS)

LYOMERCHANT eases your crypto transactions with the help of its ready-to-work POS terminal with pre-installed app, built-in receipt printer, 2D scanner, and capability to accept contactless payments. The POS also supports the installation of applications in the POS terminal by the merchants, which will help them manage goods and services, as well as business intelligence from the same POS terminal.

  • Fast Pay

Fast Pay is a LYOMERCHANT facility, where a merchant can enable a payer to perform a payment in crypto without the need of proceeding through the checkout process in payment gateway methods. Hence, payers have the added convenience of proceeding to pay the merchant at the payer’s custom preferred time, and a custom amount. 

All you need is the payment link; the merchant is required to share a URL only, and the merchant’s wallet address is not exposed to the customer. This safeguards the merchant’s privacy of assets on the blockchain.

  • Invoice

LYOMERCHANT helps you generate a detailed list of goods, products, services, and their corresponding prices for customers for faster transaction processing.

LYOMERCHANT Pricing and Fees

Setup Cost 

LYOMERCHANT offers free setup as an early partnership benefit.

Transaction Fees 

1% fee on transaction amount value + Network fee

LYOMERCHANT gets only 1% on the transaction value, that is, the amount processed through LYOMERCHANT. Network fees (also known as gas fees) are applied from the blockchain the payer has selected: these fees are needed for the blockchain works that allow transaction verification and processing.


App Store – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lyo-merchant-pos/id1641521654

Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lyo.merchant&pli=1

For more information, visit https://lyomerchant.com/ and get all the details at https://docs.lyomerchant.com/

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