Business Owners on LYOTRADE Can Now Create Multiple Sub-Accounts to Unlock More Trading Benefits 

Business Owners on LYOTRADE Can Now Create Multiple Sub-Accounts to Unlock More Trading Benefits 

LYOTRADE has added a new feature to the platform: Sub-accounts. LYOTRADE’s sub-account feature will enable multiple trading accounts to be managed using one main account only. 

  • Sub-accounts is a new addition to the many features that LYOTRADE offers. 
  • LYOTRADE Sub-account enables corporates to experiment on multiple trading strategies at the same time. 
  • Sub-accounts are not required to go through the KYB process of LYOTRADE. 
  • For more information, visit LYOTRADE docs.

Each sub-account can do all types of trading and the main account has the ability to set which trading types can a sub-account can perform based on the user’s strategy. Moreover, a sub-account is a segregated account connected to a main account, which will enable them to share trading volume, tier fees, and more. 

Why Use LYOTRADE Sub-account? 

Utilizing this new feature that LYOTRADE launched brings many benefits to corporates and businesses. First, it offers independent trading strategies. Corporates can have the opportunity to experiment with different trading strategies at the same time and track each strategy more accurately. 

Second, tracking the activity of an individual sub-account and checking the volume, performance metrics, and other aggregated data for all sub-accounts can be easily accessed. Lastly, even though each sub-account has its own username and password, it doesn’t need to go through LYOTRADE’s KYB process since the main account that manages the sub-accounts has been verified already. 

With LYOTRADE’s Sub-accounts feature, business owners on LYOTRADE can now create multiple sub-accounts to make transactions more organized, efficient, and secure. For more information, check out the Sub-Accounts section inside the LYOTRADE docs

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