Celebrating One Year of LYOTRADE: A Timeline of Our Achievements

Celebrating One Year of LYOTRADE: A Timeline of Our Achievements

LYOTRADE officially turns one! It’s been a year since we launched the much-needed centralized cryptocurrency exchange under the LYOPAY ecosystem umbrella. Our achievements demonstrate that we have come a long way, achieving milestones, raising the bar, and setting the benchmark for the crypto world. 

  • Important milestones that we achieved throughout this year include: LYO Credit listing, staking pool service, DEX Swap, borderless transactions with wire transfers, launch of mobile app, ETF trading, and much more.
  • With so much more in-store, LYOTRADE continues to be an impressive and stable centralized cryptocurrency exchange that keeps reforming its features for the ease of the users, providing them with more accessibility and security.

An Evolution of Crypto Compliance, Transparency and User-Security 

LYOTRADE is a regulated and licensed cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to providing a safe and convenient platform for cryptocurrency trading, empowering people with cryptocurrencies and ensuring that it provides the necessary market infrastructure for investors willing to trade digital assets for only crypto-to-crypto and not fiat currencies.

On this remarkable occasion, let’s hear it from the man himself! Luiz Góes, CEO of LYOPAY, said:

“LYOTRADE has emerged to be operational and successful because of the people who showed faith and trust in it. Today, I’d like to thank the ever-growing LYOTRADE community and welcome more users who are just starting their crypto journey. Together, with our expertise and your support and contribution, we will continue to reach new heights this year as well.”

LYOTRADE’s Product Manager, Amit Sharma, also shared his thoughts:

“We have been feeling over the moon and plan to go beyond that in 2023! At LYOTRADE, we have always been steadfast focused since inception, to keep adding region-focused features for a smooth crypto journey. One of our major goals has been to ensure the platform stays simple to use, and also to educate our communities around the world about the power of cryptocurrency and guide them over transactions.”

LYOTARDE emerged as one of the most trusted centralized crypto exchanges with a vision to spark a revolution in the digital economy, by striving to provide a compliant, secure, efficient, multi-featured, and easy-to-use trading platform that’s accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. We follow AML and KYC procedures to ensure the security of your digital assets. 

We are proud to present to you our achievements so far, strongly believing that this is just the beginning:

21 February, 2022: The Day LYOTRADE Went Live! 

The first week of activity saw  2047 user registrations, with 67 coins in the exchange. LYOTRADE made headlines in the crypto world with the various types of trading that it offers. These include Spot Trading, P2P Trading, Margin Trading, Futures Contract, OTC Trading, and more. 

14 March, 2022: LYO Credit listed on LYOTRADE, LYO/USDT

This day is marked as one of the most important events that helped in the evolution of LYOTRADE. Listing LYO Credit on LYOTRADE helped users exchange their LYO token holdings directly with Tether (USDT) through their LYOWALLETs. Not just this, along with the LYO Credit listing, LYOTRADE also rolled out the LYO Airdrop Campaign, offering an amount from $5 up to $1000 in LYO Credit for free. 

23 March, 2022: Launch of Staking Pool Service with USDT and LYO

LYOTRADE introduced staking pools with USDT and LYO available only from web browsers, with an amount of minimum 50 USDT to the maximum of 100,000 USDT. By putting their token in stake, users receive rewards in that token. This is possible thanks to the work of your wallet as a transactions’ validator. Rewards are processed after closing the pool every last day of the month.

8 April, 2022: DEX Swap Service Went Live

Although LYOTRADE is centralized, it initiated a decentralized service called DEX Swap. Here, it is much faster to swap digital assets. Moreover, users do not have to share their personal information to use the platform. This is a fast, secure, and anonymous service that allows anyone to exchange BTC for ETH, and other cryptocurrencies of different chains.

5 May, 2022: Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies with Your Card or Via SEPA Transfer

LYOTRADE opened the gateway to borderless cryptocurrency transactions allowing users to purchase any of the 250 cryptocurrencies available on the exchange in different ways. With 53 currencies available, buying and selling cryptocurrencies is now hassle-free using credit card, debit card, SEPA, and SWIFT.

12 May, 2022: LYOTRADE’s Company Account Feature Unveiled 

On this day, LYOTRADE launched the company account feature that enables your company to go digital and be a part of the cryptocurrency world. If your company focuses on cryptocurrency trading and is looking for a fast, easy-to-use, and secure exchange, LYOTRADE is the right platform for you. Corporate entities can now conduct trading activities on the LYOTRADE exchange for business and commercial purposes. 

3 June, 2022: Introducing Crypto Loans

Trading was made easier with the introduction of crypto collateral loans on LYOTRADE. Users are now able to receive USDT, USDC, and BUSD. There are 60 options for collateral. In addition, getting a crypto loan does not need KYC verification and credit check. 

2 July, 2022: LYOTRADE Launched its Mobile App for Android

LYOTRADE App gives you access to the world of cryptocurrency at your fingertips! Find all our centralized exchange’s services in the palm of your hand. LYOTRADE App is now available to download for all Android users. 

8 July, 2022: LYOTRADE Launched its Mobile App for iOS

We don’t leave anyone out, hence LYOTRADE’s mobile app is also available to download for all iOS users, who can now enjoy easy cryptocurrency trading and transactions with just a few clicks on their phone. 

8 September, 2022: ETF Trading Rolled Out as LYOTRADE Feature 

An ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is a financial tool that follows the trend of a market or a group of markets. With this, LYOTRADE makes it possible for market participants to buy baskets of stocks containing shares of hundreds or thousands of companies with a single purchase.

7 October, 2022: On-Ramp Through PIX by LYOTRADE

LYOTRADE launched PIX as an on-ramp mechanism for LYOTRADE users in Brazil, as a key milestone toward the mission of adding regional payment methods that will support their initiative of adopting cryptocurrency.

3 November, 2022: Multiple Sub-Accounts Facility 

LYOTRADE’s sub-account feature enables multiple trading accounts to be managed using one main account only. Here’s the best part – Holding a ton of benefits, these sub-accounts are not required to go through the KYB process of LYOTRADE. 

LYOTRADE Aiming to Reach New Heights in 2023

2023 started off with good news for cryptocurrencies that demonstrates more acceptance towards digital currencies and assets. LYOTRADE continues to innovate, expand horizons, and grow in community as we aim to elevate people and empower them with “people’s money” making them an imperative part of the global economy. As of today, the total of coins is 222

As people increasingly look to cryptocurrencies as an alternative asset, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, and global and economic uncertainties such as inflation, the demand for this innovative digital asset will only increase. This, in turn, is setting the stage for mainstream audiences to open-up to the idea and concept of crypto adoption

LYOTRADE proves to be an impressive and stable centralized cryptocurrency exchange that keeps reforming its features for the ease of the users, providing them with more accessibility and security, along with the freedom of money that they need. 

We are here to change the standards of cryptocurrency trading and improve your experiences. As 2023 unfolds, we assure you that just like cryptocurrencies, LYOTRADE is here to stay and will continue to make a difference. 

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