LYOPAY Company Meetup 2022: LYOTRADE launch, LYO Credit Airdrop, and more to be announced in the online event

LYOPAY Company Meetup 2022: LYOTRADE launch, LYO Credit Airdrop, and more to be announced in the online event

lyopay company meetup

LYOPAY team will hold its first online company meetup of the year on 20 February 2022 with exciting news about the developments of the project. What will be the topics of the next meeting?

  • LYOTRADE launch, our professional cryptocurrency exchange.
  • LYO Credit listing on LYOTRADE: store, trade, and make transactions with our token.
  • Airdrop to receive free LYO Credit tokens up to $1,000 worth.
  • LYOTRAVEL 2.0: new features coming.
  • LYOPAY at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 as Diamond Sponsor.
  • Places for the online event are limited, so register now through the form!

First online event of 2022

LYOPAY will host an online company meetup with tons of project announcements, including the LYOTRADE launch, LYO Credit airdrop, huge website updates, and more, making it the company’s first online event of 2022. The team is excited to meet dozens of crypto enthusiasts from around the world.  

LYOTRADE launch and LYO Credit listing 

LYOTRADE will be launched soon, a professional cryptocurrency exchange platform that is connected to more than 300 exchanges around the world, offering high liquidity. Moreover, users can expect to trade 150 tokens, and reach 800 in time, — one of the largest numbers of available tokens in any exchange. 

One of the tokens listed in LYOTRADE is LYO Credit . During last year’s ICO, 16,975,000 tokens out of 30,000,000 were sold. Users should stick around as Ansari will announce the possibilities that can be done with LYO Credit.

LYOTRAVEL website updates 

The new website features of LYOTRAVEL that will make booking of flights, hotels, and cars much easier will be unveiled by Merto Mamo, LYOTRAVEL Product Manager. Crypto fans who like to explore different parts of the globe can use LYOTRAVEL to pay for their getaways with LYO Credit and other cryptocurrencies. 

Efficient compliance solution 

Solandia Jurdi, LYOPAY’s Head of Compliance, will discuss the various methods that will maintain the serenity of every transaction done through LYOPAY. These include different types of stringent training programs provided to the compliance department, framework developments, and staying updated with the latest FATF regulations. More systematic practices will be tackled in the online meetup.  

24/7 online help center 

Meanwhile, Faijas Muhamedali, Head of LYOPAY Customer Service, is expected to share  the expansion of the company’s customer service department. With a dedicated office that houses an efficient, multi-lingual team of customer service representatives, clients will have a seamless end-to-end customer experience. 

What lies ahead for LYOPAY? 

Alessio Vinassa, Business Accelerator Manager Advisor, will discuss in the online meetup the company’s early achievements for this year. LYOPAY has ticked almost all of the boxes for its plans for the first quarter of 2022. Vinassa will also shed light on LYOPAY’s roadmap for 2022, keeping crypto enthusiasts in the loop on the company’s future developments. LYOPAY’s key plans for quarter two include launching LYOCUSTODY and increasing cryptocurrencies in the app to 50. In addition, the company targets to launch LYOMERCHANT, LYOBROKER applications in quarter three.  On the other hand, Baiba Broka, LYOPAY Legal Advisor, will lay down the procedures that will make sure that LYOPAY’s operations abide by the latest international rules and regulations. The company’s legal department keeps everything in check to handle potential issues from a legal standpoint. 

More events lined up for this year 

LYOPAY has forged a lot of achievements since its first online company meetup three months ago. Our continued dedication to create an ecosystem where everyone can freely use cryptocurrencies will bring us closer to the success of our project. 

The online company meetup is just the beginning of many events that we have in store for everyone this year and we look forward to seeing new faces in our company meetup.

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