LYOTRADE Is Live! Start Trading Cryptocurrencies Now

LYOTRADE Is Live! Start Trading Cryptocurrencies Now


LYOPAY has launched LYOTRADE, a cryptocurrency exchange that offers high liquidity, allowing users to trade in any market condition. The platform opens with 150 available cryptocurrencies and tokens, and it’s ready for an Airdrop promotion.

  • LYOTRADE is a professional cryptocurrency exchange with high liquidity thanks to its connection to the top 300 exchanges in the world.
  • LYO Credit (LYO) will also be listed on the exchange for transactions and trading. The listing will happen by next week.
  • Free tokens from Airdrop will be deposited from Monday 28 February to all users with approved KYC.
  • Create an account now on

After months of hard work by the team, our own professional cryptocurrency exchange has been finally set in motion. 

LYOTRADE focuses on high liquidity, one of the essential aspects of any crypto exchange, by connecting with the top 300 exchanges in the world. Users can safely trade the initial 150 cryptocurrencies available in the platform. Soon, 800 cryptocurrencies and tokens can be accessed. 

LYOTRADE offers different kinds of trading including Swap, Margin, Fiat, and Futures

The wallets supported are Digital, Over-the-Counter (OTC), Contract, and Balance of Margin.


We’ve weighed the most important features required for a successful exchange and have included them in LYOTRADE. 

  1. High Security

LYOTRADE is a highly secure exchange with 30 risk control mechanisms implemented, such as, transaction risk control, position risk control, and DDoS protection.

  1. Tiered Trading Fee

Our trading fee is set in a tiered manner with 10 tiers based on the volume traded. This tier-based fee system allows for an ultra-low fee, better pricing for the sector, good order book spreads and lower risk hedging.

  1. Supports Most Crypto Pairs

LYOTRADE supports trading pairs of most cryptocurrencies on the market with newer pairs being set up frequently. 

  1. Spot, ETF, Swap and Fiat Liquidity

Being an exchange that offers high liquidity, LYOTRADE has high liquidity in different trading types including Spot, Exchange-traded Funds (ETF), Swap and Fiat. You can expect our exchange to have some of the shortest times for conversion into different currencies. 

Spot liquidity is one of the most important types of liquidity that an exchange has, and we’re proud to say that it is one of the fastest. On LYOTRADE, you will be able to convert fiat into cryptocurrencies and vice versa in the shortest amount of time.

LYO Credit Listed on LYOTRADE

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of our utility token, LYO Credit (LYO), has also come to an end. Soon it is available for trading on the exchanges, and the first exchange it has been listed on is LYOTRADE.

We’re very happy to be debuting the LYO token. This is a great breakthrough for us as both of our biggest milestones have been reached — launching a cryptocurrency exchange, and our own token. The listing will happen by next week.

Airdrop is coming

Airdrop is a promotion: all LYOTRADE registered users KYC-approved will receive $5 worth of LYOs. We will start to deposit the free LYO Credit from Monday 28th February.

We invite you to proceed with the KYC identity verification from Thursday. This is because, as a new platform, we will certainly need some maintenance work and fixes of any possible bugs, which could affect the receipt of the info you enter in your KYC form. Therefore, wait until 24 February to do the KYC; this way, we can ensure a smoother and faster journey. 

What to do now?

1️⃣ Register on

2️⃣ Make deposits and use the exchanges

3️⃣ Complete your KYC identity verification from Thursday 24th February

4️⃣ Receive Airdrop free tokens from Monday 28th February

With LYOTRADE we’ve reached another milestone. We’re thrilled for you to join us on this journey, as we get closer to achieving our mission of bringing cryptocurrencies to everyone. 

We’d like to thank the community for believing in us and your continued support.

Be sure to visit the LYOTRADE website and sign up to create your account!


  1. I got my Lyo Credit ICO Token on LYOPAY as ICO Tokens not as LYO Credit Tokens.
    How do I get these tokens to LYOTRADE as apparently both are separate platforms?

      • Is it possible to sell the free lyocredits from the multi service boxes or clound minting programs directly on LYOPAY platform,or it needs to transfer them first on LYOTRADE platform?

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