New Partnerships for LYOTRADE to Reach the Brazilian Community

New Partnerships for LYOTRADE to Reach the Brazilian Community

LYOTRADE prepares to put the turbo in for the Brazilian Market: PIX, Physical card, and Bank account for BRL.

LYOTRADE agreed to two important partnerships to open services for the Brazilian market. Why is this important? Brazil is a country with 250,000,000 people and over four million people use crypto regularly. It’s a market with very high potential and LYOTRADE wants to enter in a compliant way and provide an efficient service for all Brazilians.

CDA x LYOTRADE Partnership

Thanks to this first partnership, users will be able to use PIX directly in the LYOTRADE app.


– Deposit of BRL via PIX

– Withdrawal of BRL via PX

– Payment with PIX via BRL and USDT.

The commissions will be displayed on the day of the launch.

iHold Bank x LYOTRADE

Thanks to this second partnership, users will be able to open a Bank Account in BRL and Debit card in BRL.

What type of service?

– Open a Bank account in BRL for receiving and depositing BRL

– Order Physical Card in BRL with Contactless.

Opportunity for exchange, price of LYO Credit (LYO), and adoption of the ecosystem.

We constantly work with the aim of giving people access to money management systems and cryptocurrency payments. The goal is global: Brazil is an important stage and we are excited to join this market territory.

Would you like to know more? Join the LYOPAY Company Meetup on July 3rd! 

You land on Zoom and you will receive the access room link on Telegram and via email. If you want to ask specific questions about the project, share them here with us and you will receive an answer to the event.

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