Thousands Join the 2nd LYOPAY Company Meetup Online, as Major Announcements are Unveiled

Thousands Join the 2nd LYOPAY Company Meetup Online, as Major Announcements are Unveiled

meetup recap

The LYOPAY team brought to light huge updates about the ecosystem such as the LYOTRADE launch, LYOCREDIT listing, and new divisions and features including LYOBANQ, LYOSAFE, LYOCHAT, and more, with thousands of crypto enthusiasts in attendance. 

  • 8,210 people joined the Meetup.
  • Talked about LYOTRADE publication, the listing of LYO Credit token and the coming Airdrop promotion.
  • News of new services and products in LYOTRAVEL and LYOTECH LABS, and the release of LYOPAY CoolWallet-S in March!
  • New area project announced: LYOBANQ, a banking service that provides SEPA IBAN, SEPA & Swift Payment, 38 Currency Account, cards and more.

LYOTECH LABS devices to hit the market soon 

Vincenzo Picciuolo, LYOTECH LABS Product Manager, announced that LYOPAY CoolWallet-S, a mobile hardware wallet with decentralized security, will be available for purchase next month! Users can safely store the leading stablecoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Horizon, ICX, and all ERC20 tokens in this wallet. Pre-sale starts this March

The complete details of LYOTECH LABSdevices and the LYOPAY CoolWallet-S can be found here

New features for LYOTRAVEL to take effect this March 

Mert Mamo, LYOTRAVEL Product Manager, shared the achievements of the travel booking platform for the past months. Since its inception on 23 November 2021, there have been 4,292 users who registered on our application and we have received a total of 6,104 bookings

Apart from the competitive prices for flights and hotel bookings that LYOTRAVEL offers, users can pay with cryptocurrencies from multiple wallets on the platform. Leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Binance Coin are accepted. Moreover, users can start paying with LYO Credit starting mid-May, Mamo said. 

Other features that will be put in place on 5 March are Group Booking, where a discount will be given to customers who will book for 20 or more people; Trip Stacking, where a customer can book multiple vacation slots; a new website interface; and an option to pay with discount codes and vouchers

More plans that will be underway soon include LYOTRAVEL mobile application, multiple languages for the website and the app, rewards for regular customers, price match, and partnership with a leading agency in South America. 

LYOTRADE goes live 

After months of hard work over the past year, the ecosystem’s own professional crypto exchange platform has gone fully operational. LYOTRADE is linked to more than 300 partners in various markets worldwide to boost the exchange’s liquidity competitiveness and to minimize spreads. 

What users should expect soon are the bounty campaign or airdrop, LYO Credit (LYO) listing on LYOTRADE and other centralized and decentralized exchanges, the listing of LYO on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko, and the staking of LYO and USDT on the exchange. 

To start crypto activities on LYOTRADE, users should undergo the KYC process for a smoother and faster experience on the platform. A more in-depth explanation of the KYC process can be found here

Crypto enthusiasts should look forward to the updates that will be done on LYOTRADE such as futures and margins trading, listing of coins on LYOTRADE, P2P trading, and initial exchange offering. He also added that the exchange is expected to garner more than 100,000 customers in two months.  

Solid compliance solutions prevent illicit activities

According to Solandia Jurdi, Head of Compliance, illegal transactions are kept at bay through strict compliance regulations. During the online meetup, she explained that the department continues to do research in multiple jurisdictions and establish relationships with regulatory bodies around the world including governments, councils, and agencies. Moreover, she assured that everything the department develops such as rules and policies are updated through compliance-continuity framework for effective and compliant operations. 

Jurdi also shared LYOPAY’s partnership with Sumsub, a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) provider, that offers complete identity verification, sanction and PEP screening, and continuous monitoring. Another third-party provider that is in collaboration with the company is Chainalysis to help in monitoring all direct and indirect transactions and criminal activities on the blockchain. 

Bridging CeFi and DeFi

The success of LYOPAY can be seen in its attempt to bridge the gap between centralized finance and decentralized finance. According to Baiba Broka, LYOPAY Legal Advisor, the company can be the catalyst that will push the collaboration between fiat currencies and digital assets

By building trust through various compliance regulations such as AML, KYC, Data Privacy, Terms of Use, IP Rights, Dispute Resolution, and Liability and Indemnification rules, customers will have confidence in LYOPAY. Not to mention the transparency and cybersecurity that the platform strongly maintains. 

Round-the-clock customer support 

Faijas Muhamedali, Head of Client, shared the growth of LYOPAY customer service department. The team will have a much larger office solely dedicated to them in Dubai for a much more efficient customer service. Moreover, the growing department will soon have 40 multilingual agents that will be ready to answer all customer concerns 24/7. Muhamedali also added that customers will be able to send their feedback regarding the customer service team with a feature that will allow them to rate their performance. 

LYOPAY’s next moves 

Alessio Vinassa, LYOPAY Business Accelerator Manager, first highlighted the milestones that LYOPAY has achieved since its launch in May 2021. For the past nine months, LYOPAY has garnered 54,500 users and a $40 million monthly volume

A new version of LYOPAY is expected to launch soon with improved interface and features. These include crypto wallet, EUR fiat wallet, issuing of VISA cards integrated with a crypto wallet, crypto purchases via VISA or Mastercard, crypto transfers, crypto to crypto exchange, cash withdrawals, fiat to fiat IBAN transfers, savings accounts, and AI predictions. 

Vinassa also announced LYOMERCHANT, a platform where businesses and companies can perform cryptocurrency transactions. With LYOMERCHANT, businesses can start to accept 25 cryptocurrencies and issue invoices. A preview of the platform will be shown in April. 

New products in the LYO ecosystem were also introduced like LYOBANQ, a banking service that provides unique SEPA IBAN, SEPA & Swift Payment, 38 Currency Account, Forex Exchange, Multi-Card Virtual & Physical, B2C & B2B Account, Available from the beginning for 95 Country, API & White label Solution, and Payroll Program. 

Other products include LYOSAFE, LYOBOT, LYOCHAT, and LYOCHAIN. However, information about these brands shall be announced soon. 

A crypto platform for all 

Capping off the virtual event was Luiz Góes, LYOPAY CEO. He extended his appreciation to the team who are the driving force behind the success of our products and who were passionate in talking about the progress and improvements in the organization. Góes also thanked the participants who stayed connected with the team and tried to gain deep understanding about every project. 

He aspires LYOPAY to be a huge ecosystem soon as the company strives to create tools that will benefit every member of the society. 

Góes invited everyone to join LYOPAY at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 in March, at Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City. We are one of the Diamond Sponsors of the event and there will be exciting news about the platform that crypto enthusiasts will surely love. 


The 2nd LYOPAY Company Meetup, first of 2022, closed the curtain with flying colors. We thank the thousands of crypto enthusiasts who took part in the online forum and who are constantly expressing their support. More events like this for 2022 are underway so no user will be left behind. To meet the LYOPAY team in person, visit Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 on 16-17 March and drop by Booth 8, Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City. 

Register here to get your ticket: the entrance is free!

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