USDT Staking on LYOTRADE: Up to 24% per Year

USDT Staking on LYOTRADE: Up to 24% per Year

USDT staking service is available on

USDT Reward

  • Lock 3 month: 0.5%
  • Lock 6 months: 0.6%
  • Lock 12 months: 1%
  • Lock 24 months: 2%

Available only from web browser, minimum 50 USDT to the maximum of 100,000 USDT. Rewards are processed after closing pool every last day of the month.

By putting your token in stake, you will receive rewards in that token. This is possible thanks to the work of your wallet as a transactions validator.

What is staking? 

Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are two of the most common consensus mechanisms used by cryptocurrencies to validate transactions and add them to the blockchain. These also allow the cryptocurrency to add new coins or tokens in circulation. 

In Proof of Work, transactions are verified in the blockchain by solving an extremely difficult computational puzzle, an activity that requires high-powered hardware. It is like a contest for all the miners in the world in which whoever solves the puzzle first will be the one to update the blockchain and receive crypto as a reward. 

Staking is the process that is used by cryptocurrencies that utilize the proof of stake consensus mechanism. Here, users lock their crypto assets to join in the verification of transactions in the blockchain. Your crypto assets will be locked for a specific period of time and you will receive crypto as a reward. 

Stake with LYOTRADE 

USDT is one of the strongest stablecoins available in the crypto market. Since 2015, the value of USDT has been staying at $1 and has never gone below that value. Moreover, staking will help in refining the security and efficiency of the blockchain, apart from the crypto rewards that users will receive. 

Grab this opportunity now and stake directly on LYOTRADE exchange to earn rewards!  

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