LYOFi Brings You the Power of Cloud Minting

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Imagine being able to use the power of “the cloud” to mint cryptocurrency tokens. With almost an unlimited amount of power available on the cloud, their use for minting and mining tokens was an easy decision. That is why LYOFi, a venture of LYOPAY, has brought to you our new service — Cloud Minting.

  • Cloud Minting is the new service from LYOFi to mint LYOCREDIT tokens.
  • The minting is done by hardware that you can rent for a set period, without the need to buy and manage it.
  • The hardware work is based on Proof-of-Space, and gives you LYOCREDIT tokens as rewards.
  • The Cloud Minting package starts from €100 and is available for purchase on the partners’ platform.

Cloud Minting is a novel way where you can use cloud computing to start minting tokens. LYOFi built a service to allow everyone to mint coins easily. Just one thing is needed: the purchase of a program to get a rent agreement on hardware.

By just renting the hardware, you can start minting tokens based on your program. This solution makes it possible to receive rewards in tokens without the hassle of managing expensive hardware or any maintenance issues.

With our plans, you can rent either a full hardware, a part of it, or several. Each subscription gives you an amount of data space measured in terabytes, and computing power measured in megahashes for a set period, which will generate LYOCREDIT tokens for you.

Why is it not possible to mint tokens individually?

Minting requires specialized equipment with a high amount of computing power and data space. Since the requirement to mint a single token is so high these days, large network farms are created that work 24/7 to mint them. Setting up such minting farms can be expensive and cumbersome to manage. LYOFi gives you an easier and more hassle-free way of minting tokens.

Why buy when you can rent?

Just buy a Cloud Minting program which lets you rent the hardware for a specified time period. You don’t have to worry about buying the hardware and maintaining it.

Receive LYOCREDIT Tokens

Collect LYOCREDIT tokens! An ICO is currently underway and will soon be listed on exchanges as LYOTRADEPancakeSwapKlever and TrustWallet. You will be able to use it to stake, buy and sell products and services, pay transaction fees with a discounted rate on trading, and for e-commerce, crowdfunding, card payments and much more.

Now you know why renting is the better option when it comes to minting, and why cloud minting is the best solution for you to collect LYOCREDIT tokens.

Discover more about Cloud Minting on the LYOFI website and read the technical document.

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