L-Finance: The New Decentralized Ecosystem

L-Finance: The New Decentralized Ecosystem

  • L-Finance is an ecosystem dedicated to provide decentralized services only. 
  • LFi is the utility token of the L-Finance ecosystem, with vesting feature in vLFi. 
  • Users can access minting, launchpad, DEX, and many more upcoming!
  • L-Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which means it is owned by the community. 

LYOPAY has created an ecosystem to separate its centralized services from the decentralized ones. The latter will be on the decentralized ecosystem called L-Finance. This entirely new ecosystem is built for people who choose to collaborate with DeFi partners and use decentralized products. 

Decentralized Token

The utility token of the L-Finance ecosystem is called LFi. Based on BNB technology (BEP20), LFi can be used to access all the services. 

At first, it will be listed on LYOTRADE exchange with LFi/LYO trading pair, and on L- Finance DEX. 

In order to access all the benefit of the platform like rewards, voting power and ranking system the user have to vest LFi token to get vLFi.

Token Vesting with vLFi

By vesting LFi, users receive vLFi with access to services and benefits from all the ecosystem. Vesting is the process of locking up a certain amount of the total tokens from circulation.

Why hold vLFi? vLFi allows one to get rewards only by holding them. Users earn block based rewards, by holding them.

vLFi use cases are:

  1. Rewards: Hold tokens to receive rewards from the ecosystem.
  2. Ranking system: The higher the vLFi token allocation, the more tokens a user can purchase on the launchpad.
  3. Governance: The more tokens held, the higher the voting power.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization 

L-Finance is a DAO, which means that the entire ecosystem is owned by the members of its community. In order to transform the project in a decentralized and autonomous manner, the L-Finance team based the DAO’s rules on smart contracts. 

Its future operations will depend on the decisions of the users. How? A user can participate to a proposal. It is important to note that the voting power of each user is measured by the number of vLFi tokens they own. 

What L-Finance Brings to the Project?

L-Finance will embrace a large community of people focused on decentralized money management, and collaborating with DeFi partners as well. With this evolution comes the decentralized token LFi, to level up services of DEX, minting, and launchpad, making the most from your cryptocurrencies. All documentation on L-Finance and its native token will be shared.

For more information about the L-Finance ecosystem and LFi token, stay tuned for the website launch!


More exciting news will be shared soon!

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