Luiz Góes Named as Ambassador of UN Sustainable Development Goals

Luiz Góes Named as Ambassador of UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Luiz Góes was awarded the title Ambassador of UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Bill regulating crypto market in Brazil passed by the Brazilian Senate’s Economic Affairs Committee. 
  • One of LYOPAY’s advocacies is to push for inclusive economic growth. 
  • The Sustainable Development Goals of UN is composed of 17 objectives encouraging countries to minimize environmental and economic inequality. 

Luiz Góes, LYOPAY CEO, was hailed as an Ambassador of UN Sustainable Development Goals by the International Council of the Brazilian Academy on 22 February 2022.  

Building peace and prosperity for the planet and its people are at the heart of United Nations Development Goals. It is composed of 17 Sustainable Development Goals that countries should set their eyes on so nations can develop strategies that will end poverty and inequality, and boost economic growth. 

Crypto and sustainability ambassador from day one 

Góes is a business executive specializing in process management, leadership, and business implementation. He has an excellent track record in promoting digital business consultancies in the fintech industry, developing and designing business tokenization projects focusing on project implementation and profit-sharing built on crowdfunding models.  

Apart from his bachelor’s degree in military science from Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, he also has an MBA in public management, and a recipient of the Medal of Military Merit from the Brazilian Army. 

Góes has provided consultancy for various altcoin and token projects. He then worked as a financial advisor for a fintech group in Dubai in 2018. Two years later, he founded a cryptocurrency escrow platform called LGbank. Currently, he is leading a large group of 8,000 clients to whom he provides effective business solutions. 

Moreover, Góes is also an advisor to legislators in Brazil who pushed for the implementation of the Cryptocurrency Law in the country. On 22 February, the Brazilian Senate’s Economic Affairs Committee gave the green light to the bill that proposes to regulate the crypto market in Brazil. The bill will then move to the Senate, the lower house, and will be geared up for President’s signature. 


Under the leadership of Luiz Góes, LYOPAY also strives to be a steward of the earth by advocating for sustainability, poverty eradication, and improved well-being. We support environmental programs to spread awareness about the importance of strengthening our economy and environment. 

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