LYOPAY Bags Best Crypto Solution Award at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 

LYOPAY Bags Best Crypto Solution Award at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 

LYOPAY won the Best Crypto Solution 2022 Award at the second edition of Crypto Expo Dubai 2022.

  • LYOPAY received the Best Crypto Solution Award at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022. 
  • Crypto Expo Dubai is one of the leading crypto events in the UAE where crypto companies and crypto professionals gather. 
  • Users can now access LYOPAY, LYOTRADE, LYOTRAVEL, LYO Credit; watch out for LYOBANQ this year! 

More than 100 crypto companies and thousands of crypto enthusiasts joined the conference where crypto professionals and companies meet. The gathering served as an avenue for crypto companies to exhibit their products and services including payment solutions, exchanges, NFTs, and more. 

The two-day crypto gathering consisted of exhibitions from various companies, presentations from keynote speakers, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and an award ceremony to culminate the event. 

Rocking the Crypto Boat 

LYOPAY has come a long way. We set sail with LYOPAY and LYOTRAVEL just a year ago and now we’ve launched LYOTRADE and listed our native token, LYO Credit. Crypto enthusiasts thronged our booth in the event, expressing their interest and asking various questions about our future plans for our project. The visitors, organizers, and the awarding committee of Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 saw clarity in our vision, making us the most qualified project to be hailed as the best crypto solution provider

Cryptocurrency is making waves, and so are we. LYOPAY is striving to make the best crypto tools for both businesses and consumers, and we couldn’t have reached these milestones without the support of our users around the world. With the mass adoption of cryptocurrency being our end goal, LYOPAY will develop ground-breaking products and services that will rock the crypto boat.  

Start entering the LYO Ecosystem now by creating an account on LYOTRADE here. A new and improved version of LYOTRAVEL will roll out in a few weeks and LYOBANQ will be available this year. 

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