LYOPAY Cool Wallet-S Pre-Sale Offer is Open, Order Now!

LYOPAY Cool Wallet-S Pre-Sale Offer is Open, Order Now!

LYOPAY’s Cool Wallet-S pre-sale offer is now open live and colored, and it is the best selling in the market at a discounted price of $177.97 instead of $200. What are you waiting for? Make hay while the sun shines and take the most advantage of this Pre-sale Offer promotion to buy/order your Cool Wallet-S at an affordable price and get it delivered straight for your comfort at your home.

  • LYOPAY’s Cool Wallet-S special Pre-Sale Offer is open now!
  • Order Cool Wallet-S at the discounted price of  $177.97 instead of $200 now.
  • Get the wallet delivered straight to your home after your order.
  • Storage your cryptocurrency offline.

We are delighted to announce that the future of decentralized crypto storage, Cool Wallet-S is here at a discounted price of $177.9. Do not miss this golden opportunity to buy our Cool Wallet-S at an affordable price of $177.97 only. Hurry and purchase your Cool Wallet-S now before the offer ends. The wait is over!

Get the most out of this Pre-Sale Promotion to buy our Cool Wallet-S at a low price and use it without any hassle. Note; remember that there is no better way of storing crypto funds secured and well encrypted than LYOPAY’s Cool Wallet-S. You will be able to buy and store all your purchased cryptocurrencies in our Cool Wallet-S with high security and enjoy yourself a treat with many perks.

What to know about the LYOPAY Cool Wallet-S?

Powered by LYOPAY, Cool Wallet-S is a decentralized security wallet in the size of a credit card. By using the Cool Wallet-S, you can send and receive, store, and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies including LYO Credit Token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether, BNB, and more.  

One outstanding feature of Cool Wallet-S that makes it special among the crowd is its offline storage and how it allows users to manage and control their crypto holdings seamlessly via their smartphone — both iOS and Android devices. Its offline storage makes it intolerant of scammers. With just a few clicks, you can connect Cool Wallet-S to the LYOPAY app on your phone by monitoring and managing your crypto assets anytime everywhere.

With our Cool Wallet-S, you do not have to worry about your crypto assets. Our incredible cybersecurity measures are up-to-date and are ready to counter any unforeseen threats, protecting you against any malicious cyber threats.

Things you will see in the box after you purchase

  • Cool Wallet-S
  • Recovery Phrase
  • Charger and USB Cable

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