LYOPAY — Our Purpose and Future

LYOPAY — Our Purpose and Future

  • The purpose of LYOPAY is to create an ecosystem where everyone can use cryptocurrencies for everything — from trading to travel — through the ease of a single Super App.
  • With Single Sign-On (SSO), our customers will have easier access to our many products using just one account, saving the hassle of maintaining multiple accounts.
  • Working in a fully regulated environment is the key to long-term success.
  • Once all of our products and services are launched, they will all merge into a single Super App.


With the advent of cryptocurrencies in 2010, these digital assets have become a very important part of the financial system. Several researches state how much cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology as a whole, have become part of our daily lives. Despite the push-back from some sections, specifically governments, cryptocurrencies have been flourishing.

Cryptocurrency usage is seeing massive growth with the number of transactions for different tokens increasing rapidly. So far, one of the reasons stopping these transactions from increasing at a faster rate is due to the transfer rate for each token. But we are well on track to reach a point where millions of transactions will be taking place per second, as new technologies emerge.

With the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency and its acceptance, the tools required to use them have not been able to keep pace. Yes, there are many applications for cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges that are available on the market to help you store and trade, respectively. But the cryptocurrency market has not created many tools to use it in our day-to-day lives.

Any form of currency requires usability to be an important factor for its long-term survival. People need to be able to exchange this kind of money for goods and services, which will allow cryptocurrency to be more than just mere containers of value. Tools that allow people to use cryptocurrency currently in the real world are very few and far between.

The Creation of LYOPAY

To make cryptocurrencies a currency for daily use, we created LYOPAY.

LYOPAY’s concept is simple: create tools so that people have better ways of using cryptocurrencies.

Our vision is to put cryptocurrencies in the pockets of millions of people worldwide.

To achieve this, we’re on a mission to create an ecosystem of applications where people can use cryptocurrencies for every part of their daily lives. Only by giving the tools for using cryptocurrency can we support the adoption of this new kind of money.


LYOPAY is a cryptocurrency payments application where you can store, exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It is the connection point between fiat and cryptocurrencies, to exchange traditional money into cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

The payments service has been the first step in the app development. LYOPAY is the foundation on which other services are being built. Once we have a strong base where transactions can be made, we can use this as the medium for providing all other services.

And we have a lot of services to offer.

On LYOPAY, you can open up your own bank account based in Europe, create a proxy account, open your crypto wallet, get a branded offline wallet by CoolWallet S, exchange in over 20 cryptocurrencies, or get your own physical card by Mastercard to use for transactions.

But these are only the tip of the iceberg.

Soon, we’ll have other services available on the portal such as: social trading, insurance, gift card, virtual SIM, VPN, exchange P2P, staking service, mobile top-ups, lending, QR-code payments, and NFC payments.

Some of our other products are LYOAGENTLYOBROKERLYOTRADELYOMERCHANT, and LYOCUSTODY which will be launching soon.

Working in a Fully Regulated Environment

In 2010, there were only a few hundred cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. By 2018, there were more than 1,000 exchanges worldwide. Now in 2021, there are only around 400 exchanges in the world. During this short period of 2018–2021, numerous exchanges were closed due to their non-compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards as governments cracked down on money laundering activities.

LYOPAY takes KYC and AML compliances very seriously and we are proud to say that we are 100%, fully compliant. Our approach to conducting business is to always work within the framework of the law. Not only does this protect us from any future litigations, but it also ensures that the money of our customers is safe with us.

Becoming a Super App

Once all our different products have gone live, all of these apps will eventually merge into a single app, under the LYOPAY brand name, turning it into a Super App.

A Super App is defined as a mobile application that provides numerous services including payment and financial transaction processing in one app, embracing many aspects of personal and commercial life. Examples of these are WeChatAlipayPaytm, and many more.

In our case, LYOPAY will be providing over 40 services under just one app!

Single Sign-On

Having many different apps for different services means creating multiple accounts to have access to a particular service.

It can be a hassle to remember all of these account credentials, having to constantly login to different apps and maintaining so many accounts.

To solve this issue, we will be employing a single sign-on (SSO)authentication scheme. This method allows you to use one single account to access multiple applications. Just one account will give you access to the entire LYOPAY ecosystem, which includes the many products we are launching.

Let’s take an example. John makes an account on LYOPAY as he wants to use his cryptocurrencies to make payments. After using his coins for making payments, John has now decided to try out trading on the LYOTRADE app, which is a cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, he will have to create a new account on LYOTRADE to be able to use the exchange. This will turn into a hassle for him later on because now he has to look after two different accounts, even though he is using an app from the same company. With SSO, John will be able to sign-in into LYOPAY and then seamlessly switch to the LYOTRADE app without having to login again.

It takes time to build the SSO system on a Super App, but we at LYOPAY are working hard to implement this feature in the quickest time!

The Future Ahead

As you may have already known, if you’ve been keeping an eye on our website and social media, we have an entire roadmap made for the next two years.

We’re launching several products including our next big product, LYOTRAVEL, an online travel service that allows our customers to buy flight tickets, book cars and hotels using cryptocurrencies. LYOTRAVEL is currently live, so you can go ahead and book your tickets now!

Launching soon is also LYOTRADE, a professional cryptocurrency exchange with high liquidity and around 800 tokens available to trade. This product will be going live very soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Our token, LYOCREDIT, is also currently in Initial Coin Offering (ICO)and will start being publicly traded in January 2022. LYOCREDIT is a utility token to be used on the LYO ecosystem to buy and sell products and services. You can also use it for trading or keep it as an investment to see when its value appreciates.

As you can see on our roadmap, we have many more products and services stated on the plan. We’re on track to reaching our targets and soon you will see the entire LYO ecosystem working effortlessly, catering to each service imaginable. Then, once the LYO ecosystem is live and running, it will all merge into a single Super app so our customers can have an all-purpose, easy-to-use app.

The future is bright for cryptocurrencies, and we’re making sure that the world is ready for it with our ecosystem of apps. Are you coming along with us?

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