Secure Your Crypto Assets with LYOWALLET

Secure Your Crypto Assets with LYOWALLET

LYOWALLET keeps your crypto assets safe from hacks and other fraudulent activities in the crypto world. 

  • LYOWALLET is a non-custodial wallet. 
  • It offers various services such as swap, crypto purchase, and NFT storage. 
  • Sharing any information to use the application is not a requirement. You are the sole owner of the seed phrase.
  • Available now on Google Play, soon also on App Store!

If the city you live in has thieves and pickpockets, the crypto world has cybercriminals that can get ahold of your crypto assets. There have been many heists on crypto exchanges and wallets since 2009. In fact, a total of $125 million in cryptocurrencies were stolen in 2019 alone. Fortunately, as cybersecurity improves every year, crypto hacks were minimized β€” but not eradicated. Which brings us to the question: how secure are your crypto assets? 


LYOWALLET is a non-custodial wallet that offers services where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and trade digital assets anonymously. Your personal information and sensitive data are 100% protected and no one has control over your digital assets and seed phrase except you. 

A seed phrase refers to the string of numbers and letters that acts like a key to open your LYOWALLET and manage the funds in it. When you generate a wallet in the app, the system will give you 12 random words that will serve as your own unique seed phrase. These words are only generated once, so if you lose your seed phrase, your crypto funds will be inaccessible forever. 

What Users Can Do in the App 

Users can conduct a handful of decentralized crypto services through LYOWALLET. The app allows you to do trading, swap coins, and store NFTs. 

Safeguard Your Crypto 

LYOWALLET understands your need of finding a way to safeguard your crypto. That is why the app serves as a non-custodial wallet and does not require any of your personal information to be a LYOWALLET user. No one, not even us, can access your crypto but you. With LYOWALLET, the power to take control of your assets is only in your hands. 

Download LYOWALLET and keep your crypto safe!

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